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  • Per your Dwelling Unit Rules, furniture and appliance items MAY NOT be left in or near the building dumpsters. This includes microwaves, televisions, and computer monitors and furniture of any size. Please contact Ames Resource Recovery Plant for information about furniture and appliance disposal. Per your lease, there is a $50 fine per piece for improper furniture disposal.
  • Forward your mail ahead of time. With so many people changing addresses the last week in July, your postal carrier can better handle your mail if you change your address before you move. If you don't change your address, your mail may be returned to sender!
  • Per your rental agreement, you are required to keep utilities connected through the last day of your lease.
  • DO NOT make arrangements to have your carpet cleaned. This will be done after you move out under the terms of your lease.


If you are a current tenant who will be leaving at the end of your lease, please refer to the booklet you received when you checked in for information about check-out procedures. That information is also available in the Tenant Portal.