Application Process

Schedule a showing.

Prior to submitting an application, interested individuals need to view the apartment. We show apartments weekdays from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM. All appointments must be made at least 24 hours prior to the showing. Please note that showings cannot be scheduled via voice mail. Appointments made by email require additional time to process. The fastest way to setup your showing is to call the office: 515.232.3456.

Attend your showing

When you schedule your showing appointment, the leasing agent will let you know where to meet. This is most often the office at 819 Lincoln Way, Suite E. Be on time. We notify the current tenant at least the day before we will show the apartment. If you are late, you may have to reschedule. Likewise, if you arrive more that 10 minutes early, you may need to wait until the scheduled time.

Please call 515.232.3456 if you need to reschedule or cancel your appointment.

Complete your application

Once your have decided that an apartment you viewed at your showing is where you want to call home, you will need to do your application. This is usually done at the office. You should bring the following when you come in to apply:

1. A photo ID.
2. Your past addresses and landlord information going back at least five years.
3. Your employer's contact information, financial aid award letter, or documentation showing that you have sufficient income to pay the rent.
4. Vehicle and pet information.
5. Check or cash for your security deposit.
6. Contact information for personal references and emergency contact.
7. Co-Guarantor information. A co-guarantor is required if you have insufficient rental history or rely on someone else to pay any of your monthly expenses.
8. International students should bring a copy of their I20 forms.

Please note that apartments cannot be reserved without a completed application, rental agreement, and security deposit. Security deposit is normally equal to one month's rent.

Read and sign the Rental Agreement (Lease)

Rental Agreement forms are generated based in part on information you provide on your application forms. When you do your Rental Agreement, you are committing to rent the apartment per the terms of the Agreement. It is very important that you read the Agreement thoroughly. If English is not your primary language, it is advisable that you bring someone to help you translate or take the lease with you to translate and sign. Please note that apartments are not officially reserved until you sign and return the Rental Agreement, all Application forms, the Application Fee, and the Security Deposit.

Finish Up

Verify that all documents have been submitted and fees have been paid. Be ready to provide additional information, if required. Be sure to check you email for any questions or concerns we may have about your application. It can take up to a week for your background check and rental references to be verified.

Once your lease has been approved, your rental account will be created and your security deposit check will be cashed. This is usually the first indicator that your application has been approved. You will receive a signed copy of your Rental Agreement by email shortly after you are approved.

If your lease is not approved, you will be notified in writing and the security deposit will be returned to the address you provided on your application.

Secure Renter's Insurance

Once your lease is approved and you receive your signed copy of your Rental Agreement, you should secure your renter's insurance. It is relatively inexpensive but something no tenant should be without. Many tenants mistakenly believe that the building owner's insurance protects the tenant's belongings. This is incorrect. The landlord's insurance only covers the landlord and the building structure. It doesn't cover damages to tenant property caused by tenants or acts of nature.

Example: A tenant leaves for Christmas break and turns off the heat in his apartment which results in pipes freezing and breaking and flooding the apartment below his unit. In this situation, the tenant who turned off his heat is responsible for all damage to the building and any tenant belongings damaged in the lower apartment. The same goes for any kind of tenant-caused, destructive negligent act (cooking fires, etc).

It is for these reasons that we require every tenant to be covered by renter's insurance. The first place to start is with your automobile insurer. Typically, you get a discount if you add a renters policy to your auto policy. We recommend a local agent, if you do not currently have coverage. We always recommend checking with local agents before buying a policy online. Iowa is one of the cheapest states in the country for insurance so you may find it will be worth the time to check with a local agent.

Keep in the loop

Visit the New Tenant page on this site to find out nearly everything you need to know about moving in.

About a month before your lease starts, you should receive an email detailing the check-in process. Be sure to add to your safe-senders list. Most correspondence from us will come from that address. If you have not received the email by the 15th day of the month prior to your lease, you should call the office to schedule your check-in appointment and verify you email address.